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Are you planning to plan your plan?

So you’re engaged and you can’t wait to start planning the big day, whether it’s weeks, months or years away.

Many people will happily plan and plan away. And this is great, but if you feel you’ve reached your limit then read on because while careful planning is vital, brides-to-be sometimes feel that they are going too far. Planning, procrastination and Pinterest can be kept within reasonable limits to avoid falling into into a few common traps.

First, everyone can be guilty of bit too much planning and too little action. So set yourself a limit on when you will complete your plan and start actually doing things. For each item you add to the plan, try and include a date of when you will start looking into it and when it needs to be completed by.

The best way to stick to this is to use just one plan or planning tool. Otherwise you will be over-run with to do lists, reminders and check lists.

Busy B is one of my favourite stationery brands and their wedding planning journal has everything you need.

Second don’t let Pinterest take over your life! This is one of the main causes of brides-to-be spending way too long researching ideas without actually making a start on the actual planning. And this causes more stress. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest and it’s extremely useful for wedding planning and inspiration. But remember it should only inspire.

No one wants a Pinterest Wedding (one someone has already seen every element of on a Pinterest board) and remember a wedding is a real day. It’s not an inspiration board and it’s also not a photoshoot. So while Pinterest and photoshoots can be used to give you ideas, you shouldn’t expect or want your actual wedding to look like it’s come straight off a computer screen or App.

The best way to avoid this is to personalise, personalise and personalise. Think how you can incorporate all the lovely ideas you’ve seen into your day in a way that represents you and your husband-to-be. So choose a cake you may have seen on the web, but add a persoanlised topper that means something to you both, such as a favourite song. Or choose paper decorations but have them made out of your favourite books.

It’s the little things people notice and these are much easier to plan because they are already part of you both. And it’s those little personal details that will mean the most to you when you look back on your perfectly (but not overly) planned wedding.