Do we want children at our wedding?

When planning your wedding one of the first considerations is usually the venue. However, there is one important question which should be asked before this – “do we want children at our wedding?”

It is important for this to be asked before looking into venue as the choice of the venue can depend on whether your wedding includes the little ones and/or teenagers.
Here are our top 10 tips on how you can have a family-friendly wedding day:
1. Why not choose an outdoor venue?
Outdoor venues are usually self-contained and offer exclusive use. So, everyone on site will only be your guests and there’s no danger of children wandering off into the wrong room or event. Outdoor venues also offer loads (and loads) of space which is perfect for children to run about – something they love to do at weddings – without getting in the way.

2. Get the little ones their own area
With outdoor venues offering loads of space, you will be able to create your own little wedding village. So, you may have the main events in a tipi or marquee but you can book smaller tents such as a bell tent or a yurt for the children. Provided they are supervised, this will give you a dedicated area for children activities or even a mini cinema!

3. Book a professional crèche or baby sitter
Why not consider booking a dedicated professional crèche or baby sitter who will be able to take care of the children all day, leaving the adults to enjoy themselves completely worry free.

4. Child friendly food
Child friendly food is vital and an outdoor venue will really allow you to choose some creative options which the kids – and even adults – will love. Consider an ice-cream van or a fish and chip van! Children will enjoy this much more than a formal sit down meal.

5. Photo booth
Photo booths are great fun for everyone and there’s a huge choice available from now from caravans to New York taxis. You’re sure to find one to fit your theme!

6. Activity Packs
Even at the most relaxed wedding, there are still times when the children need to sit still such as during the speeches. To keep them occupied, why not provide activity packs which they can do at their seats. For example, stickers or puzzles.

7. Outdoor Games
Take advantage of the space and indulge in some creative party games such as giant Jenga and Connect Four. You could even go one step further and have a bouncy castle or a full size carousel!

8. Wedding Favours
There’s one thing children love – sweet treats. So, make your favours child friendly. You could choose from cupcakes, personalised lollies or bags of sweets. And if the cost is a concern, do not forget the favours can double up as the name cards too.

9. Involve them in your day
All children like feeling part of the event, so give them a role. They could let people know what is taking place in which tent, they can be handed the mic round during the speech or can even present gifts to guests.

10. Don’t worry!
The most important tip of all is to not worry and enjoy your special day! Guests all ages will have a great day.



Bell tent for children at weddings – by Vintage Belles



Flower girl dresses by The Bridal Boutique Warwickshire



Treats or activity packs for children by Elegantly Finished Events