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Go on, choose a winter wedding

There’s something so special about a winter wedding. Yet for some unknown reason only 8% of weddings are in December and January, compared to 39% in June, July and August.

You may have always wanted a winter wedding and if that’s your dream great, but if you haven’t considered it here’s ten reasons why you should.

Ok let’s get the most boring but sensible reason out the way first, and that’s money. Winter weddings are cheaper but that doesn’t mean you are being cheap by choosing one! No, you are simply taking advantage of a financial anomaly.

Second, everyone from the venue to the florist will have more availability not only giving you more choice on dates, but also more dedication from suppliers who are not run off their feet mid season.

If getting married isn’t quite enough, you can combine it with Christmas or New Year and make it a double celebration. This is great for you as you have twice the fun, and it’s great for your guests too who don’t have to worry about their plans for the all important festive nights.

And your guests are also just more likely to be around in the winter and not sunning themselves in foreign climes so you won’t have to resort to your B list of invitees.

If you’re getting married in winter you can’t be expecting sunshine and long warm evenings (if you are, then seriously reconsider, or move the venue to Australia). So this avoids all the worry and repetitive weather app checking in the days before the big event, leaving you time to plan things you actually can control.

Candles, candles, candles. So romantic yet not really needed in bright sunshine, but a winter wedding allows you to create a romantic candlelight scene straight out of the movies.

There’s no need to spend days, months or years?!? trawling Pinterest for a theme, you have two perfect ones to choose from, winter wonderland or Christmas. What more do you need.

As well as choosing your dress, you also get
to choose from a whole host a stunning accessories to complete your look as well as keeping you warm. A (faux of course) fur stole is simply unbeatable.

Now the alcohol is important at any wedding of course, but winter weddings open up a whole new world of drink choices. Mulled wine, winter Pimms, mulled cider or even a hot chocolate bar. Delicious.

And finally, isn’t it just nice to be different, we think so.


Happy Christmas from The Vintage Chic Wedding Fair.

Photos by Christine McNally.

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